Unplanned events and activities

This section outlines how a Wholesaler will notify a retailer of unplanned events and incidents that affect the water or sewerage services. This includes seven process (E1-E7). Further information on each step can be found below. Please note there is no forms to be completed or submitted by the retailer. 

Part E

Unplanned events and incidents sets out the processes to be followed in relation to changes to Water Services and/or Sewerage Services which are not planned by or on behalf of the Wholesaler, for example Emergencies, potential drinking water quality incidents, pollution incidents and droughts. The Wholesaler may have a number of plans in place for addressing how such events or incidents shall be managed and the processes in this part E (Unplanned events and incidents) must be followed in conjunction with those Wholesaler plans.

Process E1

Identification of Sensitive Customers.

Form to be completed: NA

Process E2

Maintaining and implementing Wholesaler Public Health Related Site Specific Arrangements for managing events and incidents potentially affecting public health.

Form to be completed: NA

Process E3

Identifying and managing unplanned changes to the supply of Water Services and/or Sewerage Services.

Form to be completed: NA

Process E4

Identifying and managing drinking water quality incidents.

Form to be completed: NA

Process E5

Identifying and managing Sewer Flooding and Other Public Health Risks such as pollution incidents or unconsented Trade Effluent discharges.

Form to be completed: NA

Process E6

Managing droughts or dry weather.

Form to be completed: NA

Process E7

Emergencies (i.e. events governed by the Security and Emergency Measures Directions).

Form to be completed: NA

Retailers guide

Full guide with step by step information on the process.