Oaklands Hamlet, Chigwell

  • A brownfield site for 450 new homes
  • A previously contaminated site
  • A Countryside Homes development 
  • Example of sustainable, innovative brown field development project.
  • Developer savings £2m+
  • Customer tariff savings compared to incumbent

Site History

The Oaklands Hamlet site was formally unofficially occupied by an unplanned community incorporating various small scale business interests (again without planning consent).

Countryside approached Albion Water to provide water and sewerage services due to the challenging demands associated with developing the site and the experience that Albion Water could call on to establish regulated services that met or exceeded Countryside’s expectations.

Recent News: 

Development continues on Oaklands Hamlet including the construction of the water and non-potable water distribution networks, sewer networks (s104), SUDs infrastructure and Sewage Treatment Works. Completion for all works at the site is expected to be 2020.