What we do

We deliver our services by working closely with developers and tailoring our package to the needs of the site.  We provide water and waste water networks, onsite treatment with natural wetlands and reed beds that enhance the environment.

Our onsite water community team manage the drainage system, lakes and green space to ensure high levels of customer service. This improves the environment by reducing the strain on already scarce resources and lowering the capital and carbon costs of large expensive pumping stations and pipelines to serve remote developments.

Our preferred solution to new developments in the UK proposes to provide:

  • potable water and waste water networks
  • a sewerage service with nearby modular treatment
  • development-wide non-potable 'green' water supplies for toilet flushing, irrigation and non-drinking water use
  • adoption and management of all on site sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) and retention lakes
  • management and adoption of green spaces

Unlike other water companies, Albion will have a dedicated local presence with operations conducted by a local community team working permanently on site creating a sustainable community water experience.

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