Our Services

Potable Water

We provide potable water networks for new build developments which are installed and adopted as part of our agreement. As a licensed water undertaker regulated by Ofwat, we have the same legal obligations and powers as other water incumbents in England and Wales. Our drinking water networks are provided as an inset under the Water Industry Act 1991 (as amended) where the development is removed from the ‘ownership’ of the monopoly incumbent and placed with us.


As well as potable water, we can provide greenwater (non-potable water) supplies to new developments. The water is used within properties for toilet flushing and washing machine use and at external taps for garden and vehicle washing. The water is derived from rainwater runoff from the hard areas of the development and from treated waste water via constructed wetlands. The Albion Water charge is less than for potable water, these sustainable water supplies also reduces the carbon footprint of each property and delivers Water UK equivalent to Code for Sustainable Homes level 5/6. This removes the need to install overly restrictive showers or baths in premier properties.

Waste Water Adoption (s104)

We provide waste water connections as a part of our integrated service proposals to new developments. Waste water infrastructure is adopted and operated by Albion Water as part of an inset under the Water Industry Act 1991 (as amended).  The Albion process is one that is entirely familiar to developers and follows the S104 process established in Sewers for Adoption (or S102 for existing networks).

SUDS & Drainage

The management and control of drainage water and run off on developments has historically been a problem for planners and builders alike. Our solution is the adoption and management of sustainable drainage systems and retention lakes. We can adopt all SuDS and drainage facilities on site and manage them using our integrated water management team based on each site.

Modular Treatment

The Albion solution to sewage treatment is a modular sewage system that is constructed adjacent to tertiary reed beds and storm water storage. The waste water installation is constructed with parallel streams to support the build rate of the development. Our approach reduces upfront capital requirements and streamlines cash flows for the project. Where possible the Albion modular treatment systems are designed to be low energy, low maintenance and to utilise natural locally sustainable resources to provide maximum environmental benefits whilst achieving optimal water quality output.

Green Spaces

We can solve the problem of untidy or poorly maintained sites for developers by adopting, maintaining or working through a site management trust in managing the developers green spaces, trees, hedges and community open spaces. Albion is able to engage with developers in designing features that support local biodiversity, 

Reed Bed Habitat

We utilise constructed reed bed designs on our sewage treatment and water recycling facilities to produce high quality final water. Water trickling through reed beds is cleaned by micro-organisms living in the root systems and the substrata. The organisms use the waste water for growth nutrients and produce high quality final water.  This process is similar to aerobic digestion which is utilised in conventional treatment systems.  We use reed bed designs to further enhance or provide tertiary treatment to our modular sewage treatment systems. The resultant high quality water is eventually released into the environment or stored and blended with rainwater for future treatment prior to being reused for toilet flushing and garden watering.