Part A 

This part A (New connections) only applies to communications between the Retailer and the Wholesaler, although the Wholesaler may choose to follow similar processes when it engages with a Non-Household Customer such as a developer directly.

The Wholesaler and the Retailer shall follow the processes outlined below (New connections) so that:

  • The Wholesaler can Register all new connections and new Supply Points with the Market Operator
  • The Retailer can arrange a new connection for its customer if required.

A full guide with step by step information on the below can be found here

The required forms should be completed by the retailer and submitted to the Wholesaler. Once completed the relevant documentation should be uploaded to the online portal using this form

Process A1  

Pre-application enquiries in relation to a new connection or connections – which the Wholesaler and Retailer shall follow where a Non-Household Customer asks the Retailer to help it obtain a development impact assessment/pre-development report

Form to be completed: A01 

Process A2

New connections to the Wholesaler’s Water Supply System for domestic purposes

Form to be completed: A02

Process A3

New connections to the Wholesaler’s Water Supply System for nondomestic purposes (including Building Water)

Form to be completed: A02 or A03 

Process A4

New connection with the Wholesaler’s Sewerage System

Form to be completed: A04

Process A5

Pre-application technical assistance provided by the Wholesaler at the Retailer’s request

Form to be completed: A02, A03 or A04

Process A6

Application to be Registered as the Retailer to a newly connected Supply Point – which the Retailer will follow where it is not arranging the new connection for its Non-Household Customer under any of the other processes, but has agreed to supply water and/or sewerage services after the connection has been made and so should be Registered to the new Supply Point

Form to be completed: A05