Privacy policy statement

Albion Water Group Ltd is a group of companies which includes Albion Water Limited. We, Albion Water Group Limited, will process any personal information that you provide to this site and we will comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998, including in relation to the security of any personal information which we ask you to provide to us. We endeavour to take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information.

You understand that we may use your personal details if you register as a user of the services provided by Albion Water Group Limited or use the Albion Water Group Limited web sites generally for the purposes which we describe in this policy. The purpose of this statement is to set out how your personal information will be used by companies within Albion Water Group Limited.

When you use this site, you may be asked to provide certain information such as your contact details, or other information relating to services you have with us. We will store this data and hold it, for instance, on computers. We will use this data to provide you with the services or information you have requested and for other purposes which we set out in this policy.

Information (including information on the services we provide you such as water and waste water usage and about any monies you owe us) that you provide or that is obtained by Albion Water Group Limited or kept in its customer records, will be shared within Albion Water Group Limited to help us understand your relationship across the whole of Albion Water Group Limited, and to effectively administer your overall relationship with us. We will also use this information for assessment and analysis (e.g. market, customer and product analysis) to enable us to review, develop and improve the services which we offer and to understand and select products and services which we think, from the information we have about you, will interest you.

We may also give information about you as follows:

  • to employees and agents of the group to administer any accounts, products and services provided to your by the group now or in the future;
  • to collection agencies, lawyers, and local authorities to help us trace and collect debts on your accounts;
  • to anyone to whom we transfer or may transfer our rights and duties under our agreement with you;
  • if we have a duty to do so or if the law allows us to do so;
  • to the police and other law enforcement agencies investigating criminal offences if we are satisfied of the circumstances surrounding the request.

Email – You should be aware that information conveyed by e-mail could be deliberately or accidentally intercepted or corrupted. The company does not accept any responsibility for any changes or breaches of confidence which may arise through use of this medium. The content of e-mails sent and received by company employees may be intercepted or monitored by the company for security and training purposes. Whilst we make every effort to ensure that e-mails we send to you are free from viruses this cannot be guaranteed. We recommend that you scan all e-mail for viruses with appropriate and frequently updated virus checking software.

You are advised not to use e-mail to send us credit/debit card information, bank account details, billing or other personally identifiable information as e-mail may travel unencrypted and can be read by anyone who receives or intercepts it. Once your information reaches us, we store it behind a secure firewall that blocks access to the information from outside of our network. Only Albion Water Group Limited authorised individuals and, where necessary, those of our third party partners, are allowed to access the information.

We take reasonable precautions to protect your information, however you should understand that “perfect security” does not exist on the internet or on email networks and that use of these mediums involves some level of risk to you.

Method of response – You acknowledge and agree that we may treat specific actions by you, such as sending us an email, or supplying us with an email address for customer service to respond to you, as a request that we may, where necessary, communicate in our response personal and/or account information by email. We also reserve the right to select an alternative method to communicate with you. We may update your account with the email address you contact us with.

We may supplement the information that you provide to us with information that we receive from third parties. We may also share your data with third parties for the purpose of investigation of fraud.

You have the right to see information about personal data (as defined in the Data Protection Act) we keep about you upon written request, identification and payment of a fee. If you wish to make a request to access your information please contact:

Albion Water Group Limited, Harpenden Hall, Southdown Road, Harpenden, Herts, AL5 1TE.

If you are concerned that any of the information we hold on you is incorrect, or have any queries about our privacy policy, please contact us at the above address.

Please be aware that this policy applies only to This site may link to other web sites that may be accessed through our site. We are not responsible for the data policies or procedures or the content of linked non-Albion Water Group Limited web sites.