We’ve minimised our carbon footprint and enhanced biodiversity

With major development growth required to sustain the population increase in the UK over the next 20 years, there have been numerous debates about the impact new buildings and increased industry will have on the natural ecology, resulting in tighter regulations and pressures from environmental bodies.

Ensuring a business is profitable, satisfying shareholders and delivering customer satisfaction within the confines of these increasingly challenging policies can be a headache for any developer.

Albion brings a new, exciting and uplifting answer to the challenges of sustainability by drawing on extensive expertise and knowledge to develop environments that:

  • enhance the overall ecological quality, capacity, structure and function of the projects it becomes involved in
  • restore habitats and features of major importance to local wildlife
  • retain and incorporate existing habitats and important species, ensuring that projects are capable of supporting the local biodiversity
  • compensate for features that are lost
  • manage newly created habitats
  • monitor the newly created environments to ensure they become established and successful
  • support the government’s pollination strategy within the boundaries of a new development.