Industrial and commercial

We provide innovative, bespoke and cost-effective water and environmental solutions for industrial and commercial clients throughout England and Wales.

When Albion Water was licensed to become the water company for Shotton Paper by the Water Services Regulation Authority (Ofwat) in 1999, it became the first new entrant to compete against the regional monopoly water companies. Legally, we have the same powers and responsibilities as any other water company in England and Wales.

Since then we have established an exemplary quality and environmental record, building a hard-won reputation as a water company prepared to innovate and to promote a better, more responsive water industry. 

At the forefront of the competitive wholesale water sector we aim to provide an exemplary level of engagement and to ensure that our water, waste water, SuDS and wider environmental services are sustainable, resilient and offer commercial and environmental benefits to all customers.

As a licensed water operator we are currently working with several industrial and commercial clients to obtain discharge permits where the client has been unable to. We can then operate the treatment system and assume responsibility for meeting the Environment Agency’s discharge consent conditions.

We are also working with clients to dispose of excess water from their industrial processes, by exploring the options of on-site treatment works or local discharge to ground.

We can provide the following:

  • Water and waste water consultancy
  • Environmental management consultancy 
  • On-site waste water treatment works design, construction, adoption, consenting and operation
  • On-site greenwater treatment works design, construction, adoption and operation
  • Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) adoption and operation
  • Water abstraction, abstraction licensing and supply infrastructure adoption and operation
  • Water distribution system design, construction, adoption and operation
  • Foul and surface water sewer adoption and operation
  • Asset ownership and adoption
  • Water efficiency advice
  • Trade effluent investigations and reviews