Who we are

About Albion Water

We provide cost effective, efficient and innovative water solutions for housing developments and household customers throughout England and Wales.

When Albion Water was licensed by the Water Services Regulation Authority (Ofwat) in 1999, it was as the first new entrant to compete against the monopoly water companies in England.

We have established an exemplary quality and environmental record, building a hard-won reputation as a water company prepared to innovate and to promote a better, more responsive water industry.

Legally, we have the same powers and responsibilities as any other water company in England and Wales. Where we differ is in our determination to provide a different level of service to our customers – water, waste water, drainage and wider environmental services, providing a sustainable offering with commercial and environmental benefits to all of our customers.

The Albion Water pledge

Albion Water pledges that it will work with its stakeholders to deliver sustainable water and sewerage services and high standards of customer care. Through innovation, research and listening to our customers, Albion Water will seek to continually develop new products and services, improve customer satisfaction and practice sound environmental management and biodiversity stewardship.

  • We have worked on housing developments with a variety of developers. Find out how we overcame the unique challenges each developer faced to quickly and efficiently deliver cost effective solutions to their water and waste water requirements.

  • We aim to have a positive impact on the local biodiversity of developments. Find out how we can improve the sustainability of your project.