How to find and read your water meter

We recommend that you read your meter(s) regularly, as it can help you to keep an eye on your water use and detect any leaks. 

As an Albion Water customer, you may have two meters, one for drinking water and one for green water which is used for toilet flushing and garden watering. 

Finding your meter 

The meter is placed either in the pavement or property forecourt. It’s usually inside an underground chamber which is covered with a lid marked ‘water’. If you can’t find your meter, please call us on 03300 242020. 

If you live in a flat, you might find your water meter in a cabinet inside the building or on the property forecourt. Your meter should be marked with your flat number. 

Reading your meter 

Step 1 Lift the outer lid using a flat-headed screwdriver. If your meter is indoors it won’t have a lid. 

Step 2 Remove the polystyrene cover if there is one. If there’s another lid, pull it up to see the meter face. Remember to put this back when you’ve taken the reading, as it is there to protect the meter from frost damage. 

Step 3 Check that the serial number on your bill matches the one on the meter. If you haven’t yet had a bill, please call us on 03300 242020 to confirm your serial number. 

Step 4 When taking the reading, you only need to look at the numbers in black. Please ignore any numbers in red, you will only need to note these if you suspect you have a leak. You will notice a flow indicator dial in the centre of the meter which spins when water is being used. If you notice the dial is spinning and you know you’re not using any water or appliances, it may indicate that you have a leak. We aim to read your meter every six months. If we send you an estimated bill, you can give us an actual meter reading using the form.

Submit a meter reading

Meter obstruction 

 We require access to our meters at all times in order to carry out checks and maintenance. Although we prefer to install our meters in the public footpath they may be located in your front garden or driveway; where this is the case please ensure that they are kept free from permanent obstructions (e.g. walls, flower beds) and are accessible to our staff. The external stop tap for your property is usually located in the meter box and you may also require occasional access to carry out work or in the event of a water leak. If you have any concerns regarding the location of your meter(s) please call our Customer Services Team. The meter belongs to Albion Water irrespective of its location; to detach, interfere or otherwise tamper with it is a criminal offence.

What to do if you think your meter is faulty

If you think your meter is faulty, please contact our Customer Services Team (8.30am-5.30pm Mon-Fri) and we’ll come out and check it. If you request to have your meter tested, we will remove it, replace it with a new one, and send the original to be independently tested.

If your meter has tested as faulty, the charges will be adjusted to reflect the correct level of consumption. We will calculate this either from the date the meter became faulty, or if we don’t know the date, we will calculate it from the date of the second-to-last meter reading.

Please keep in mind that if your meter is not faulty, you may be charged for the test, the replacement of the meter, postage, packaging and other administrative costs.