Why choose us?

We’re leading the industry in exploring new ways of providing water, waste water and environmental services in a flexible, tailored package that offers increased value.

We understand the issues and constraints faced by developers and housebuilders.

Here are the top three reasons developers and house builders choose us over an incumbent water company.

  1. The local water and waste water solutions are too expensive, complex or time consuming.
  2. The assets built aren’t going to be adopted by the incumbent water company due to specification or cost.
  3. They have a genuine need to achieve sustainable status and secure local biodiversity benefits.

Whatever the issue you are facing, we have proven experience of developing solutions to meet any challenge.

Here’s how we do it

  1. We offer a flexible open-minded approach to finding the right solution for your development.
  2. We are personal and friendly in our approach to our business – we are passionate about realising the potential in everything we do.
  3. We offer solutions that avoid high off-site and infrastructure reinforcement costs.
  4. We identify solutions that enhance the sales values of your houses and development.
  5. We guarantee that customers’ bills will match or be lower than local equivalent tariffs.
  6. We can help with green space management during the build.
  7. We have a dedicated engineering and commercial team who will work with you during the early stages of planning to ensure our services are tailored to fit your site needs.
  8. We will provide you with a consistent water company contact throughout the development process – a named individual, including their mobile number.
  9. We can assure you of short and guaranteed timescales to speed up your service connection process.
  • We know how challenging new developments can be so we're here to ease that process.

  • Purchased by Linden and Bovis Homes in 2012, Upper Rissington is an ex-RAF base with 350 existing homes within Upper Rissington village and Victory Fields is a community of 368 new build houses. We provided water and waste water services to Victory Fields and refurbished and adopted the old private water and waste water infrastructure in the village.