Joint venture with Wessex Water

At yesterday’s (2 March 2016) Water UK City Conference in London, Colin Skellett, Chief Executive of Wessex Water, unveiled a ground-breaking joint venture with Albion Water that will significantly strengthen Albion Water’s current market lead in offering innovative, sustainable and resilient solutions for new housing developments.

Speaking at the event, Mr Skellett said:

We see great potential for the water industry to change to better meet the needs of tomorrow’s customers and of the environment. The joint venture with Albion Water represents a significant and exciting commercial opportunity for Wessex Water and underlines our support for a more sustainable future.

Mr Skellett, who will become chairman of the joint venture, added: “There is tremendous pressure for new housing and through our partnership with Albion Water we will be able to help ensure new developments are properly supported with the highest service levels – benefiting developers and residents as well as protecting the environment.”

Dr Jerry Bryan, Albion Water’s Chief Executive, explained the importance of the agreement with Wessex Water.

He said: “Many developers are seeking more sustainable and affordable solutions for new housing and the conventional water company approach can often be unacceptable on the grounds of cost and environmental impact.  The agreement with Wessex Water will give us the financial and technical strength to meet this growing demand for sustainable and resilient solutions.”

Albion Water has embraced, and is developing the ecosystem services approach to the provision of a growing range of community services, of which water supply and wastewater management are key components. The company is currently working with major developers and house builders to provide more innovative and sustainable solutions.

Dr Bryan explained: “We design, construct and operate systems that reduce per capita consumption of potable water to a low and sustainable level and we are looking to maximise energy recovery and environmental benefits from local treatment of wastewater.”

He added: “The need for new housing provides significant employment and technology development opportunities in addition to environmental and customer benefits.

“Through our new partnership with Wessex Water, which itself has an excellent reputation for innovation, we will be able to provide new sustainable solutions for developers.”