Taking responsibility on CSR

Albion Water’s Business Support Manager Kayleigh Adams writes for Quality World Magazine
Albion Water’s Business Support Manager Kayleigh Adams writes for Quality World Magazine on the importance of CSR.

As an organisation Albion has established an exemplary quality and environmental record, building a hard-won reputation as a water company prepared to innovate and to promote a better, more responsive water industry. Over the past two years we have focussed on developing and improving our internal quality systems successfully achieving ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 standards and as a result we are at the forefront of water industry for compliance to these management standards.

Our environmental and sustainable approach ensures corporate and social responsibility to all our customers and communities from biodiversity to local employment and onsite operational teams.

Our Business Support Manager, Kayleigh Adams was requested to write an opinion piece on taking responsibility for CSR which was published in November’s Quality World and analysis on the BBC report of child refugees found in high street supply chains in December’s Quality World. On this Kayleigh Adams said:

‘I welcomed the opportunity to write for Quality World Magazine on the importance and requirements for Corporate Social Responsibility. CSR is a vital and developing element within today’s business world that needs to be fully understood and implemented throughout all organisations, no matter how big or small. CSR is becoming a popular trend within the business world but it must be implemented in the correct way to ensure that it delivers benefits for both the organisation and the local community. CSR is an important element of our operations and we ensure that wherever possible we are implementing strategies that will benefit the communities within which we work. As a growing business we will maintain this effort and continue to focus on developing this area to ensure we continue to promote a better and more responsible water industry’