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Drainage and water report

A comprehensive report providing essential drainage and water information for any homebuyer

What is a drainage and water report?

A drainage and water report is used by homebuyers to provide information on the water and drainage at a specific property or plot of land. The report is produced internally using our own data and information.

What information does a drainage and water report include?

Maps – Showing all known sewer and water assets near a property*

*Please note the information that we can provide as part of the CON29DW search will vary dependent on the location of the property or plot. Further information on this can be found below.

Drainage – Whether the property is connected to sewers and where they are.

Water – Connection details, water pressure information, quality and whether there is a meter or meters fitted.

Billing – We will confirm which services are provided and charged for, which companies bill the property or plot for each service and whether the charges are calculated via a meter or assessment.

What questions will the report answer?

Depending on whether the site is water, sewerage or combined:

  1. Is the property served by the public sewers?
  2. Does foul drainage or surface water run from the property into a public sewer?
  3. Is a statutory agreement in place to erect a building or extension on the property either over or close to the public sewer?
  4. Is the property close to or affected by a sewer or water main that may require allowing workmen onto the land for inspection, repair or replacement?
  5. Is the property connected to mains water?
  6. Are there water mains within the boundaries of the property?
  7. Which water company is the supplier?
  8. What is the basis for charging for both sewerage and mains water (ie, is the property metered)?
  9. What company charges for which service? 
  10. Are there any changes to the basis for charging due to change of occupancy?
  11. Is the property at risk of low water pressure or sewer flooding?
  12. What is the water quality analysis and standard?
  13. What is the distance to the nearest waste water treatment works?

Can I order a commercial report or extended plot report?

Yes, prices are on application dependent on the size of the area requested.

Drainage & water report prices (site specific):

Knowle Village, Fareham, Hampshire: For a property or plot within the Knowle area we can provide drainage information only. You will need to contact Portsmouth Water for the drinking water information. The cost of this search is £41.50 (excluding VAT at the standard rate).

Upper Rissington, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire: For a property or plot within the Upper Rissington area we can provide both the water and drainage information. The cost of this search is £62.00 (excluding VAT at standard rate). Please note for properties in Grebe Square we supply the drinking water information on behalf of Thames Water.

Oaklands Hamlet, Chigwell: For a property or plot within the Oaklands Hamlet area we can provide both the water and drainage information. The cost of this search is £62.00 (excluding VAT at standard rate).

Commercial searches and land searches: We can provide commercial and land searches, however, there may be variations on the information that we can provide and the price of the search. This is dependent on the size and the location of the search area and can be confirmed once a map of the area has been reviewed by the search team (prior to a formal request being submitted). 

How do I request a search?

To request a search please complete our form. 

Alternatively you can email a map of the area with the relevant property or plot highlighted and confirmation of the first line of the address and postcode to with the subject marked as ‘Drainage and water report – with first line of the address’.

How long will my report take to be completed and returned?

Your report will be returned within 10 working days of receipt of payment.

What if I need a completed report urgently?

If you require a report to be completed urgently (within five working days) please contact us on 03300 242020 and ask for the search to be marked as urgent.

How can I pay for my search?

You can pay in the following ways:

Telephone: by calling 03300 242020

Internet banking: Account number: 83953319 and sort code: 20-46-73

Cheque: Please send all cheques to Albion Water, Harpenden Hall, Southdown Road, Harpenden, Herts AL5 1TE.  

How and where will my report be sent?

We will return your completed report by email to the address that was used to request the report (unless otherwise requested in the enquiry email). If you need a paper copy of the report, please request this in your search request email. There is no additional charge for this. 

Please note our reports do not contain detailed technical information on our water and sewer assets. For this information please call us on 03300 242020 or email

If you require further information please call us on 03300 242020 or email


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