Hydrant Misuse

If you need to connect to Albion Water’s network for a supply of drinking water, the only standpipes permitted for use are those supplied by Aquam Water Services Ltd.

In order to access water from our network, you must use an authorised standpipe from Aquam Water Services Ltd – 01626 241399 – www.aquamcorp.co.uk/standpipe-hire/albion-water.

It is a criminal offence contrary to Section 174 (3) of the Water Industry Act to connect any unauthorised equipment to the network – conviction in court results in offenders facing fines and legal costs.

Authorised standpipes are fitted with double check valves to prevent backflow, and a meter to record water usage. Unauthorised connections pose risks to the network:

  • Contamination – Equipment used that is not supplied by Aquam is not audited or stored to our standards and therefore may cause contamination to the clean water network.
  • Double Check Valve – Approved standpipes are fitted with a double check valve (DCV) which stops back-flow of dirty water into the network.
  • Pressure Issues / Loss of Supply – Equipment incorrectly operated and installed can cause pressure and loss of supply to customers on the network.
  • Leakage – When an unauthorised standpipe is used to take water from the network, Albion Water will not be aware of the consumption and therefore water taken is categorised as leakage. The water industry is governed by Ofwat and companies can be fined for missing leakage targets. The water extracted from an unauthorised standpipe is classed as leakage and is being taken without the consent of the Water Company.
  • Health and Safety –The mains deliver water at high pressure and, if unauthorised equipment is not fit for purpose or installed without sufficient training, the connection could break free and cause serious injury.
  • Asset Damage – If you are unsure how to connect a standpipe to our network then Aquam offers a training package – “Calm Network Training” – which is designed to educate the user on how to make the standpipe connection without risk to the operative and without damaging our assets.


If you see someone filling up their tanker, vehicle or lorry with a pipe from a hydrant directly, that you think shouldn’t be, please get in touch with Albion Water on 03300 242020.